taco soup

taco soup
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Cuisine: Mexican
Techniques: Stew
Occasions: Any
Prep Time: 1 hr 0 min
Cook Time: 2 hr 0 min
Yield: 7 Serving(s)
Main Ingredients: Beans, Beef, Cheese
Tags: Soup


  • 1 lb.of ground beef-1 can of ranch style beans-1 can of kidney beans-1 can of black beans-1 can of pinto beans-1 can of Mexican style tomatoes-1 can of corn-1/2 package of dry ranch mix-1/2 to a cup of water-2 tsp.of minced onion-1 tsp of salt-1 tsp of chili powder-1/2 tsp of cornstarch-1/2 tsp of crushed red pepper-1/2 tsp of garlic powder-1/4 tsp of oregano-1/2 tsp of ground cumin


  • brown ground beef in a large pot and add remaining ingredients.cook on low heat for 2-4 hours.serve with tortilla chips,sliced avocado,and shredded cheddar cheese.
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Danea2013, Morristown TN
A New Favorite..Very Filling and Delicious .!
7/21/2017 4:34:00 PM
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