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Local Shetland Wool in Virginia

Find locally sourced Shetland Wool and more at local farms in Virginia today at
Cumberland, VA
Pecans, Roving, Sheep, Shetland, Angora Rabbit, Oats, Fleece, Soaps, Yarn, Goat, Oat, Goat Cheese, Wool, Rabbit, Gin
A fiber farm set under walnut and pecans trees in the hills of Central Virginia overlooking a fishing pond. A family run farm, we do it all! We......
Tazewell, VA
Merino, Sheep, Alfalfa, Shetland, Fresh, Flowers, Cut Flowers
We have rare breed American Curly horses, Shetland, Romney, Merino, cross bred sheep using fiber for value added products. Sell garden produce, cut......
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