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At we believe that eating Locally Grown and Organic foods like farm fresh Jellies provides a significant variety of benefits. Studies have shown that locally sourced and organic foods have more nutrients, including antioxidants, than traditionally grown foods. Studies also show that people who have allergies to foods or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away all together when they eat only locally sourced and organic foods! Find locally sourced Jellies and more at local farms in Colorado today at
Mancos, CO
Sustainable, Grass - Fed, Naturally Grown
Jellies, Vegetable Starts, Herb Plants, Heirloom Seedlings, Annuals, Toffee, Pies, Fudge, Breads, Granola, Yarn, Wool, Spinning, Sheepskins & Pelts, Sheep
Greeley Farmers' Market, Farmers Market
Greeley, CO
Fresh & Dried Herbs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Honey Sticks, Candles, Beeswax, Rosemary, Parsley, Oregano, Dill, Cilantro, Basil
The Greeley Farmers' Market has been serving the Greeley community since 1992. Operated by the City of Greeley as a community event, the Market g......
Boulder, CO
Biodynamic, Sustainable, Grass - Fed, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown
Pies, Dessert Sauce, Cookies & More, Breads, Tortillas, Cookies, Cakes, Biscuits, Marmalade, Jams, Fruit Preserves, Jellies, Butters, Honey, Bacon
Saguache, CO
Honey, Jellies, Lamb, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Beef, Fresh
Fresh locally grown produce, beef, lamb, jellies, jams, honey and more.
Bayfield Farmer's Market, Farmers Market
Bayfield, CO
Fresh & Dried Herbs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Herbs, Flowers, Vegetables
A quaint little market, 20-30 vendors, where local area gardeners, crafters and farmers can showcase their goods.
Penrose, CO
Peanuts, Deli, Pistachios, Apples, Beef, Nuts, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Honey, Blackberries, Jellies, Turkey, Pears, Grapes, Specialty, Raspberries
We are one of Southern Colorados largest Pick-your-own Farms with Apples,Blackberries,Raspberries and Pumpkins.We offer free hay rides to and from......
Ft Morgan, CO
Fresh & Dried Herbs, Corn, Honey, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs
The Fort Morgan Farmers' Market is held each Thursday from 4 PM - 8 PM from July through September. It is held in the Wells Fargo Bank Parking lot......
Buena Vista, CO
Carrots, Barley, Baby, Cheeses, Cream, Eggs, Honey, Creams, Pork, Oats, Soaps, Jellies, Specialty, Goat, Garlic, Goat Milk, Zucchini, Oat, Lettuce
Palisade, CO
Honey, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams
We carry a wide selection of organic and conventional produce, jams and jellies, honey, dried fruit, beans, salsas, cold drinks, gifts. Open......
Palisade, CO
Certified Organic, Naturally Grown
Cherries, Apricots, Apricot, Asian Pears, Jellies, Pears, Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches, Plums, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Fruits
Steamboat Springs, CO
Sustainable, Practicing Organic, Naturally Grown
Fresh & Dried Herbs, Eggs, Oat, Tea, Annuals, Perennials, Fruits, Herbs, Pies, Bakery Products, Jams, Fruit Preserves, Jellies, Sorrel, Sage Leaf
Woodland Park, CO
Cheeses, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs
Market in continuous operation since 1991. At 8,600 ft elevation, with views of Pikes Peak. Now expanded to 100 vendor spaces. 60% conn...
Carbondale, CO
Fresh & Dried Herbs, Eggs, Soaps, Jellies, Wine, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Cider, Beer, Hard Cider, Other, Vegetables, Flowers, Cut Flowers, Herbs, Fresh
Woodland Park, CO
Nuts, Cheeses, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Eggs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Other, Vegetables, Herbs, Fresh, Fruits
Berthoud Farmers Market, Farmers Market
Berthoud, CO
Cheeses, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Fresh, Fruits, Vegetables
Boulder, CO
Cheeses, Fresh & Dried Herbs, Eggs, Honey, Soaps, Jellies, Wine, Fruit Preserves, Jams, Fruits, Cider, Beer, Hard Cider, Flowers, Vegetables, Herbs
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