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"Locally Sourced Food" is used to describe food that is either locally grown or produced locally. There is some dispute as to what 'local' means. Some may consider vegetables grown within 100 miles to fit the definition, while others may feel that it only includes food produced within a 10-mile radius. At Agrilicious, we believe that food grown or raised in your metro area is considered locally sourced food.

Benefits of Locally Sourced Food:

• Connect with Your Local Farmer

• Enjoy Fresh Local Food

• Support Your Local Farm

• Insight into How Your Food is Being Produced

• It's More Sustainable - It Hasn't Traveled Long Distances

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Why Shoppers Go Local Organic

InfoGraphic: Find out who shops for locally sourced and organic food InfoGraphic: Why Shoppers Go Local Organic

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6 Reasons To Buy Locally Sourced Food

1 – Fresher and Tastier The reduced amount of time between harvesting and being eaten means that you enjoy fresher taste.

2 – Local Economy Sourcing your food locally has the advantage of supporting your local economy.

3 – Less Distribution Costs Locally sourced food skips the steps of mass transportation and are much more eco-friendly.

4 – Ensures Diversity of Diet You’re able to sample the seasonal produce from your area

5 – More Eco Friendly The reduced packaging and other ingredients used in growing locally sourced food emits less harmful chemicals and materials into the environment

6 – Healthier Not all locally sourced food will be healthier for you, however a lot of it will be.