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Expanding your Food Education

Education about our food today seems to be very one sided in the fact that we only get the information that the big corporations want us to know. The most prevalent school meal program in the USA is the NSLP, a federal program signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1946. It was once looked upon to be the foundation for children’s nutritional health in the USA. Times have changed.

However there are people out there like Agrilicious and others who believe that educating the public about our food system and how we eat is a good cause. This is because people deserve the right to know what went into what they eat, whether it be farming practices or just how your food was prepared. By educating the public on what they are eating people can make smarter choices about what and how they eat. Everyone has the right to learn and we here at Agrilicious can help you find the knowledge you have been looking for.

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Anna talks about how one can start to know more about where the food is coming from. She says the three things you can do to know more about your food, the first is find a farmer and source form them. The second thing is pay attention to what labels are on your food such as certified organic and fair trade. The third thing is get back in the kitchen and cook for yourself.

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In Search of Food: Healthy School Lunches

Chef Ann Cooper: School Lunch Programs

Chef Ann Cooper meets Scott Pampuch, owner of Corner Table; Chef Ann challenges Scott to create edible healthy school lunches for $1.15 using local food and staying within USDA guidelines. Learn how your school lunch program can be healthier.

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