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No Antibiotics


Industrial meat companies often add antibiotics to animals’ food to prevent disease caused by cramped and unsanitary conditions, a practice that is raising concern about the emergence of antibiotic-resistant illnesses in people. The USDA allows the label “no antibiotics added” or “raised without antibiotics” on meat or poultry products. However, the use of these terms is not verified by third party certifiers and is largely based on information given by the producers themselves, thus reducing the strength of such labels. The term “antibiotic free” is not defined or approved by the USDA.

Example of No Antibiotics:

Antibiotics use are not limited only to livestock farms but also extends to salmon farming. Thus, wild salmon are a healthier choice as wild salmons are raised without antibiotics and they also attain their beautiful yellowish color from consuming crustaceans instead of dyed pellets.
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