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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Community Supported Agriculture creates a direct connection between farmers and consumers. To join a CSA is to buy a share of the season's harvest. The farmer gains the security of knowing he or she has been paid for a portion of the harvest and the farmer's "community" participates in how and where their food is grown. Every week throughout the season, the CSA community receives a box of that week's harvest. Most of the local CSAs will deliver to several convenient area locations, but they always encourage the community to come to the farm, and even to participate in the growing of their food.

Example of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA):

Industrialized food production has disconnected the relationship between food and the consumer. The concept of community supported agriculture, aims to restore this bond by encouraging customers to visit the farm.
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More than 50,000 tons of asparagus are grown in California every year.