Agrilicious was built by an experienced, passionate, focused team committed to leveraging a technology platform for the good of our members - and an ever evolving food economy. We are all builders. We go the extra mile. We do what's right. We are transparent...and we love celebrating food, farms and family. As a Social Purpose Corporation we care deeply about not just building a great product, but also creating a company we can be proud of.

Duane Dahl Co-Founder

Social Entrepreneur, Imagineer, CEO, Carnivore, Dad and Chicken Feeder; from, PerfectMatch, EarthLab and Live Earth to Must Love Dogs, Duane's life has been a bowl of New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Cindy Henry Co-Founder

Member Acquisition, Optimization, Ideator and Data Mining at Atari, and PerfectMatch; the Queen Bee is a Master Gardener, Chicken Farmer, English Pointer-loving, fishing, cross-bowing, shotgun-shooting outdoorswoman.

Chris Hines SEO Manager & Developer

Make no mistake, this top-shelf gardener is no vegetarian—he's a master BBQ'er and as carnivorous as a lion. Chris' favorite office visitor was Jenifer Love Hewitt, but his wife needn't worry: Chris is as loyal and skilled as they come.

Mathew with one "T" Creative Director

Mat's proud parents never had the heart to tell him he's a pig, but his co-workers did and now his cowboy aspirations live on. As Creative Director, Mat dreams all this stuff up while standing guard over the Agrilicious! brand.

Jay Lee Principal Engineer

A Giants fan who now resides in the Hawk's Nest, Jay grew up in the foodie capital of the world, New York City. Jay loves tackling difficult, challenging problems. His hobbies include hiking and mountain biking throughout the Pacific Northwest!

William Roland Curator

A multifaceted media executive, William has built a stellar career conceptualizing and commanding award-winning content across diverse platforms. William lives in SoCal, working his storytelling magic for farmers out of the Beethoven studio.

Advisors & Contributors

Jason McVey Development & Infrastructure

A coder extraordinaire, Jason's track record of success (, EarthLab, PerfectMatch) is as consistent as his favorite cigar. Jason is a hiker, camper and outdoorsman as well as an accomplished winemaker.

Charles Segars Strategic Development

CEO, CMO, Strategist (Ovation TV, Scripps Network, DreamWorks Animation); Charles created National Treasure: Book of Secrets (sequel to National Treasure, for which he served as a Writer/Executive Producer). An expert in digital media, content distribution, brand strategy, and business development...Charles is our national treasure.

Did You Know?
Agriculture employs more than 24 million American workers - 17% of the total US work force.