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Thur 31st
Mother Earth News

Cherry Crostata Recipe

This Cherry Crostata Recipe is a simple, delicious way to use summer’s rubies.

Exploring a Pioneering Blueberry Site Preserved in New Jersey

Tucked in the pines, this preserved New Jersey food heritage site is where cultivated high bush blueberries were born.

Canning Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa Recipe

Fire roasting is the key to incredibly flavorful canned salsa.

A Tale of Two Strawberry Sauces

Your route to heaven can be paved with strawberries.

A Salute to Food Heritage in France

France puts a premium on preserving its food heritage. Here's one example of that country's many food heritage sites, this one in Brittany.
Thur 31st

5 Ways to Prevent Farm Truck Accidents

Why fret about something that’s never happened to you? Because the financial damages could cause you to lose your farm.

How To Produce 100-Bushel Soybeans

As combines rolled last fall in Arkansas, the yield monitor struck gold. Three farmers hit 100 bushels an acre. Nelson Crow was one of them.

Getting Started with Drones

Chad Colby was one of the presenters at this years Drone Fly In Event. Where should you start when you are thinking about purchasing a drone and is it hard to fly? Find out in today's show.

Land Values Need to Adjust to Prevent Asset Bubble

Prospects for rising interest rates and lower crop prices add up to a necessary softening in land values, a new study by Rabobank argues.

Cargill to Close Wisconsin Beef Plant

Cargill Inc., the largest closely held U.S. company, plans to close its beef-processing plant in Wisconsin amid a shrinking domestic supply of cattle.​
Thur 31st
Mother Earth News

Downy Mildew Variety Trials at Twin Oaks Seed Farm

We are trialing 135 varieties of cucumber, winter squash and muskmelon - with a focus on Downy Mildew resistance and fruit quality. An introduction to our trials and to the importance of variety trials in general.

A Homesteaders 5 Favorite Gardening Tools

A good gardening tool is lightweight, ergonomically correct and has a positive impact on the soil. We only use hand tools (non-powered) in our gardens since we find that we can get the job done easier and more efficiently with a more correct impact on the soil and less impact on our bodies than we would with any machines.

Phil's Dancing Carrots

If you are challenged by growing carrots, you might consider transplanting them and growing some dancing carrots.

Propagating Lavender

This blog takes a look at the steps taken to propagate lavender by taking cuttings.

Seed Cleaning Screens

Cleaning the chaff from the seeds you want to save can be done with screens of different sizes. There are options for all budgets, including using the strainers and colanders you already have in your kitchen.

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