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Mother Earth News

Foraging Heart-Healthy Hawthorn

Hawthorn fruits are in season in late summer and early fall. They are delicious, and also heart-healthy — eat your medicine!

Bone Broth Benefits: From Digestion to Joint Pain

From ancient to modern times and across cultures, healers have used the nourishing and medicinal powers of broth, especially bone broth.

How to Freeze Peppers

Use this simple technique to preserve your bounty of fresh summer peppers.

All About Fresh Fruit Butters

Fruit butters are easy to make, in fact – they are almost foolproof. They allow for a little more creativity than many soft spread recipes and are perfect for using up odds and ends of fresh fruit.

Eateries and Drinkeries: The Oldest Food Heritage Sites Around

Some of the most enduring food heritage sites are those devoted to the basics, eating and drinking.
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Severe Storm Potential this Labor Day Weekend

Much of the country is expecting precipitation over the Labor Day weekend, but it won’t all be gentle rains. See what areas are expecting severe weather.​

EPA Hopes to Clarify Clean Water Proposal

The idea that EPA can use the Clean Water Act to execute a land grab or intrude on private property rights is simply false, according to the administration.​

Somebody Finally Invented Nile Swallow's Tool

Somebody finally invented a tool I've been improvising for years.
Mon 1st
Mother Earth News

Seed Libraries: Challenges and Opportunities

Seed libraries are meeting new challenges that point to the need for better education and understanding with the public, and with those charged with enforcing seed laws. Learn about the opportunities that are open in this evolving social movement.

How to Save Seeds From Dry-Seeded Crops

How you harvest and save seeds depends on whether a crop is dry-seeded or wet-seeded. Here are the steps for collecting and cleaning seed from a dry-seeded crop like chervil.

All About Lovely Lavender

Lavender has many uses, from culinary to medicinal. It is a beautiful plant and easy to grow.

Summer Garden Tips

Tips for keeping your summer garden producing at top output. This is the time of year that warm season crops are at their peak. These 7 tips will give you continued bountiful harvests through the heat.

Last Chance to Sow Cool-Weather Vegetables

Consider planting these three categories of vegetable crops during late summer and fall:
Warm weather crops that will die with frost.
Cool weather crops that grow well in spring and fall, but don’t thrive in your summer.
Cold-hardy crops to grow over the winter and get off to a fast start in early spring.

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