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Fresh Apples in Season
Wed 1st
Mother Earth News

Irish Hills Farm Pumpkin Maple Butter Recipe

My own special recipe for Pumpkin Maple Butter using organic pumpkin and Canadian maple syrup

Simple Easy Blueberry Milk

Check out this delicious, refreshing treat that comes in handy when there are too many blueberries to know what to do with.

Foraging for Ginkgo Nuts

Hidden inside the stinky orange pulp of the fruits of the ginkgo tree is a delicious, pistachio colored edible seed. Here's how to identify and prepare ginkgo (without the stinky parts) by foraging for ginkgo nuts!

Crockpot Candied Cider

Use your crockpot to make this cinnamon-sweet, apple candied cider treat perfect for warming up a cool autumn evening.

Summer is Over, but Ice Cream and 'Jersey' Tomatoes Linger On

Arguably America's oldest ice cream company, Bassetts, is still a fixture at Philly's Reading Terminal Market. Both it and the Jersey Tomato hail from Salem, New Jersey, and therein lies the heritage tale.
Wed 1st

October Weather Outlook

Most of the country is expected to settle into typical fall weather, but a few regions could see a departure from “normal.”

Fertilizer Outlook and Technology Conference Set for Nov. 18-20

A chance to hear presentations surrounding feeding the world, big data in precision ag, the fertilizer market in China and Former Soviet Union, market outlooks for ag and more.

Remain Vigilant for Palmer Amaranth

Accurate identification of weedy Amaranthus species during early vegetative stages can be difficult. Here are some visuals to help.

Multiple Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Challenges Ahead

The evolution and widespread distribution of herbicide-resistant weeds and their management is a challenge for crop producers and land managers.

Corn Reaches 5-Year Low as USDA Sees Bigger Supply Than Forecast

Corn futures dropped to a five-year low after the government said U.S. inventories before the start of this year’s harvest were bigger than analysts forecast.​
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