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Find Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Sat 20th
Mother Earth News

Let's Make Granola

Healthy homemade granola; easy on your budget, good for your family.

Tea Straws

A bombilla is a Latin American tea straw used to drink yerba mate. Why not use it to enjoy all kinds of loose herbal teas? Ilene White Freedman shares a story, a tea recipe and links to others recipes.

Holiday Gift Bags

Delight your host by taking one of these homemade treats.

Comparing Commercial and Locally Produced Raw Honey

What could be lurking in the commercial honey you buy? Maybe it’s not honey at all, and would you think honey is healthy if you knew it contained corn syrup? Let’s talk about how commercial honey is produced and why you might want to find a local source for raw honey.

Sticky-Toffee Pudding Recipe

The UK meets Texas in this decadent date cake with sinfully delicious (and simple!)toffee sauce.
Sat 20th

Pre-Holiday Profit Taking Strikes Grains

Grain futures are lower on pre-holiday profit taking. The Dollar, crude and stock indices are all higher this morning.

Legal Commercial Drone Use? We’re Inching Closer.

The FAA takes baby steps toward integrating commercial UAVs safely into the national airspace.

They're Making Tires out of Dandelions - Really!

Mitas says it will have a prototype of a tire made from rubber extracted from Kazakh dandelions by 2015.

AgWeb Radio: Closing Commentary 12-18-14

Cody Bills of Grain Hedge says the markets are active and volatile. Russia is talking of curbing exports of wheat. Strong export sales today. South American weather is good. Beans have a bearish outlook.
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Raw Milk Controversy
Raw Milk Controversy: The Benefits, Dangers, and Legal Issues
Certified Humane
Certified Humane Labeling
Brain Boosters
Brain Boosters and Brains Busters
GMO's 101
Genetically Modified Organisms 101
Local Food Glossary
Local Food Glossary
Alice Waters
Alice Waters: Edible Schoolyard Project
Ocean Friendly Seafood
Find The Best Ocean-Friendly Seafood and Sushi
Honey Bees
Where Would We Be Without the Honey Bee?
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Today, in Michigan, there are almost 4 million cherry trees which annually produce 150 to 200 lbs of cherries per tree.