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Fresh Apples in Season
Fri 19th
Mother Earth News

Zucchini Olive Yeast Bread Recipe

When life gives you zucchini overload, turn it into this moist and savory yeast bread.

Chicago Food Heritage Site Reimagined as 21st-Century Food Hub

A Chicago food heritage site — a meat-packing plant built in 1925 — becomes a 21st-century, net-zero producer of food.

Sourdough Crackers Recipe

Try your hand at this amazing sourdough crackers recipe.

Keeping Cool as a Cucumber: Scandinavian Cucumber Salad

If you're overrun with cucumbers, here's a Scandinavian cucumber salad for the solution!

Homemade Chicken Broth and Easy Chicken Soup Recipe

The only recipe you’ll ever need for wonderful homemade broths plus deliciously versatile chicken and veggie soup.
Fri 19th

Watch How the U.S. Has Warmed – And Cooled – This Past Century

New data visualizations from NOAA’S National Climate Data Center gives a state-by-state look at how the country warmed (or cooled) as the decades roll by.

Can You Load a Hopper in 33 Seconds Flat?

This Wisconsin farmer has designed the fasted loading facility that we’ve ever seen. Watch him load semis in mere seconds.

Despite Low Prices, Most Won’t See Insurance Payments for 2014

Even at $3 cash corn, most producers who signed up for Revenue Protection won’t be receiving Federal Crop Insurance indemnity payments this year.

Mark Gold Talks the New Age of Markets

Have grain prices breached a new paradigm? Top Third Ag Marketing’s Mark Gold provides his take on market cycles.

AgWeb Radio: Midday Commentary 9-17-14

Jim Bower of Bower Trading says the market is 'boringly bearish' today. Low prices will cause changes that will eventually allow higher prices.
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