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Thur 21st
Mother Earth News

Ice Cream: Its What's for Dessert

Homemade ice cream is delicious, and with the help of new ice cream makers, quick, easy and fast.

Simple Tomato Avocado Sandwich Recipe

Use garden tomatoes and in-season avocado to create a simple, yet satisfying sandwich.

Summer Peach and Goat Cheese Sandwich

Fresh peaches and creamy goat cheese unite in the perfect summer sandwich.

Zucchini Overload: Recipes to Use Up the Harvest

Is your garden providing you with zucchini overload? Ilene White Freedman offers some tips and recipes to keep it bounty, rather than burden.

Fruit Cobbler Jam Recipe

A low sugar recipe using whatever fruit you have on hand!
Thur 21st

Crop Tour a Rare Opportunity

Farm Journal's Pam Fretwell talks with Pro Farmer's Chuck Roth about the crop tour and what a rare opportunity it presents.

Farm Debt at Banks Might Reach New Record

Farmers are borrowing more money—both crop and livestock producers but for vastly different reason.

Drones-What Should You Keep In Mind

Jim Love is a Farm Business Advisor with Becks and is enjoying his job a lot especially when it comes to talking with farmers about drones.

Gearing Up for Illinois' Results

Pam Fretwell with Farm Journal Radio discusses day three of the crop tour with Pro Farmer general manager and vice president Chuck Roth.

Western Indiana Looks Like ‘Sweet-Spot’ for Yields

USDA has predicted Indiana to be one of the nation’s hot-spots, producing over the nation’s national yield average in both corn and soybeans.
Thur 21st
Mother Earth News

Gourmet Garlic Curing

Garlic will keep for months if properly cured, allowing you to enjoy it all winter long!

Subsistence Farming in Romania

While the grinding work of a Romanian subsistence farm isn’t anything that I would choose for myself, there are aspects of the life that are attractive. In particular, the practices that I think of as the circles of life — eating food one has grown oneself, saving seeds, feeding poultry with garden scraps, and then eating their eggs (or them), and preserving a fruit harvest to cement friendships with strangers.

It's Not Too Late to Plant a Fall Garden

Follow these simple tips on fall gardening.

Determining Days to Maturity

Learn when to expect your crops to be ready to harvest. Giving attention to the days to maturity for the varieties you choose to grow will help you in your garden planning.

Malabar Spinach

Malabar spinach is an easy-to-grow green that loves the heat of summer. Make it part of your garden plan for tasty summer meals.

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