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Sun 20th

Making Echinacea Tincture

Echinacea tincture is easy to make. Getting through the psychological inertia might be the hard part of the process.

Herb Sourdough Bread Recipe

An herb sourdough bread recipe.

Bread Baking is About Time to Make Memories

Spending time baking with others will be time well spent. Make some memories that you will never forget.

Homebrewing for Beginners, Part 1: Equipment, Recipe, and Ingredients

Anyone can brew beer. The article seeks to demystify the process and help jump start brewing by breaking down the equipment, recipe, and ingredients. This is a 2-part blog post.

Early Spring Foraging: Violets

Violet leaves are one of the best wild edible salad greens. Their pretty, edible flowers are only in season for a few weeks.
Sun 20th

Save the Date: Executive Women in Agriculture 2014

Join us for this business seminar, designed for women farm managers, marketers and any farm woman interested in honing her business skills.

Survey: China’s Arsenic-Laced Soil Threatens Food, Health

China’s soil is laced with pollutants including mercury, arsenic and cadmium, a radioactive material, according to a nine-year government survey.

Warmer Climate Could Signal Major Crop Shifts in Brazil

A recent study shows Brazil’s soybean production may drop by as much as 24% and wheat output as much as 41% by 2020 as climate change reduces areas where the crops can grow.

AgWeb Radio: Closing Commentary 4-17-14

Brock Schimbeno of Grain Hedge says it was a mixed trade today. Export sales were good. The major issue for the weekend is the weather. Markets will open Sunday night.

Pros and Cons of Soil Insecticide Use for Corn Rootworm Protection

Entomologists say root protection from single traits that are working well will not increase when an insecticide is added on top of the trait.
Sun 20th

Salamander Springs Farm: Permaculture Farm in the Appalachian Mountains

Nestled above an overgrown ridge-top meadow in the Appalachian Mountains, farmer Susana Lein proudly runs Salamander Springs Farm, a permaculture farm, homestead and “food forest,” where living, healthy soil is considered the most important resource.

How to Turn Suburbs Into Food Paradises

Ziggy Liloia examines two poignant books, Paradise Lot and Gaia’s Garden that turn the idea of needing lots of space to grow ample food on its head.

Growing Spider Milkweed Seed for Monarch Butterfly

A native southwestern milkweed seed is now available, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Terroir Seeds, The Xerces Society and Painted Lady Vineyard over the past 2 years.

Beeyard Cleanup

Getting ready for new bees involves preparing equipment and the site. Planning ahead leaves little to disturb the bees once they are in their new home.

Best Hardy Raspberry and Blackberry Varieties

Winter hardiness is crucial when growing brambles as perennial crops, especially in regions like the Upper Midwest. Here’s a listing of the best hardy raspberry and blackberry varieties, and what you should consider before selecting which cultivars to plant.

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