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Tue 22nd
Mother Earth News

Canning Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa Recipe

Fire roasting is the key to incredibly flavorful canned salsa.

A Tale of Two Strawberry Sauces

Your route to heaven can be paved with strawberries.

A Salute to Food Heritage in France

France puts a premium on preserving its food heritage. Here's one example of that country's many food heritage sites, this one in Brittany.

Sourdough Hamburger Bun Recipe

Looking for the perfect sourdough hamburger bun.

Foraging Wild Peppergrass for a Native Spice

Peppergrass, a native North American plant in the mustard family, adds a spicy kick to recipes. Here's how to identify, sustainably harvest and use peppergrass.
Tue 22nd

Central Illinois-Best Crop Ive Seen In Past 10 Years

Ross Albert from Central Illinois is a Farm Manager for Soy Capital and says he has never seen a better corn crop, so much so, he says its almost scary.​

Ken Ferrie: Tips for the Corn Season Homestretch

Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie shares his expectations for this year's crop, and some agronomic tips to keep in mind as we approach harvest.​

Listen to What Your Soils Say This Season

Soils have a lot to tell you. How well you listen could mean the difference between producing a low-yielding corn crop or growing one for the record books.

Apps March Into Farmland

Apps allowing growers to scout acreage at friendly price – free.

AgWeb Radio: Closing Commentary 7-21-14

Nate Smith of The Gulke Group says the technicals indicate we are oversold, but the prices are expected to remain low. Expected high yields and limited demand is the major price influence..
Tue 22nd
Mother Earth News

Phil's Dancing Carrots

If you are challenged by growing carrots, you might consider transplanting them and growing some dancing carrots.

Seed Cleaning Screens

Cleaning the chaff from the seeds you want to save can be done with screens of different sizes. There are options for all budgets, including using the strainers and colanders you already have in your kitchen.

Homegrown Flavored Waters and Homemade Sodas

You can create refreshing-flavored waters and sodas right from your backyard. Homemade waters and sodas are easy, cost effective and healthy.

Gourmet Garlic: Harvesting

It's that time of year again! In this post I discuss how and when to harvest your garlic.

Potato Independence: Finding Potato Varieties that Work

Maybe it is my Irish roots, maybe my working class dinner background of meat, potatoes, and frozen veggies, or maybe it is just the gorgeous variety of shapes and colors that emerge from the ground like buried treasure in early August, but I love growing our own potatoes.

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